Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week Six, Seven, Eight and Nine: Yes, I suck at blogging, but I am kicking ass at weight loss!

Well, where to begin, maybe with an apology for neglecting my blog for so long. I am sorry, and I will try really hard not to let it happen again.

To be quite honest, I think the reason why I have been avoiding the blog is that I am having a really tough time these past few weeks. I am still losing weight, and I had some really great weigh-ins, and I am still sticking to the program, still going to the gym. So where is this tough time I speak of, well a lot of it is in my head. It has been a really tough couple of weeks, and I was having a hard time admitting that I was struggling. I guess it's because I started off so focused, and now it's not so easy. But it has gotten better. My thoughts have been consumed by food and how much I am missing it. My cravings have kicked into overdrive, and my hungry tummy has been growling up a storm!! Well, I got tired of the stupid storm, and I found that by pushing myself a little harder, it helped me get through the tough times. It also helped me see a 9 pound weight loss in week eight, my best week since the first one. That was what I needed. A reminder of what I could do when I push a little harder, and it has helped keep me on track!

So much has happened since my last post. Here's the quick rundown:

I have lost more than 10% of my original weight!
I am in clothes that I wore when my husband and I met (which was almost 7 years ago, and those clothes are baggy already!!).
I finally got more than 10,000 steps in a day, and now am achieving this on a regular basis.
I conquered the elliptical and made her my bitch!!
I went dancing with the Pwincess... at the gay bar and had a friggin blast. I love gay boys!!
I saw Daughtry in concert, and danced the whole night!
I finally tried yoga, and I loved it!

And the one big thing I did was I treated myself to a new tattoo to celebrate my 50 pound loss!! My tattoo is so special to me in so many ways, and it holds so much meaning. So what did I get you ask? I got a big crown in the centre of my back just below my neck, and she's beautiful!! So why a crown, you ask? Well, as I mentioned before, I call myself the Queen, and the reason I call myself this is because in my past, I was in a very bad and very abusive relationship, and it took me a long time to get out of it, and it took me a long time to get over it. When I got out of said relationship, I vowed that I would never allow this to happen again. I vowed that the next person I fell in love with would treat me nothing short of how the Queen should be treated, because I am a Queen, and I will be treated like one! Well I found that man that treats me like a Queen, and reminds me that this is what love is all about. So the Queen has her King, and all she was lacking was her crown, so now I have my King and my crown.

The tattoo is also very special to me because it was a drawing done by my sister, who is very talented and despite the fact we often don't see eye to eye, I am so proud that she is in my life. My crown has her initials on it, but the initials also stand for the Mantra that I have been using: Keep in The Moment. I have had to remind myself of this throughout my journey, and it has been working. I am succeeding, I am losing, and I am loving the new me!! I still have so much more to achieve, but I am on my way, and this makes me happy!!

This week, week number nine, was the second week in a row that I had a very hard time Keeping in The Moment, and it just made me push through. I put in some tough workouts, and got more steps in, and drank lots of water. I got a grip on myself, and I am proud to report that this week I lost 7.6 pounds! (Editors Note: I will post my weekly weight losses later because I can't remember the week to week numbers, so I have to check my file, so stay tuned!)

This brings me to 67.4 pounds lost in 9 weeks!! I am a rock star!!! I am doing so much better than I ever thought I could, but most of all, I see a change when I look in the mirror. I see a smaller me, I see a happier me, and best of all, I see a healthier me. That is the best outcome I could ever ask for!

Stay strong, Keep in The Moment, and remember when you look in the mirror, you are amazing, beautiful and in control. Till next time (and it won't be as long next time, I promise I will push to do this too)!!

I am 67.4 pounds closer to a Brand New Me!!

Love, The Queen

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